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16  of July 2019

               Hi M.,

               Fyi, I noticed this morning that my pulsatile tinnitus (hearing a heartbeat in an ear), that
               I’ve had for a couple of years in one ear is no more. An unexpected bonus from CS.


               3  of July 2019

               Got it,

               The whole thing feels totally different now! What did you do? This is great I have the
               sensations that the measurement is more accurate and clear. Is that correct, did you
               check this with lab test?

               There is also similarity. when I first test with under function over function for minerals
               and it says boron plus 12 that is fine but even finer when I do vitamins/minerals than
               Boron is only 5%

               So from both sides Cyberscan tells me this person needs Boron.

               I am impressed and happy to have this. I made myself an eeCard directly so I will find out
               what this will bring.

               Thank You!


               29  of June 2019

               FYI guys, this guy now has a decent chance of recovery (after 12 weeks ...) The clinical
               findings referred to below are the third reported in succession.


               28  of June 2019

               Hi M.
               My dad went for his appointment today to check his bloods. The doctor was surprised at
               how good it was and how it had maintained. His platelets has gone up, his haemoglobin
               levels were up and even his neutrophils were up. Thank you
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