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               29  of January 2019

               Hi Dieter,

               Hope this email finds you well. Thought I'd give you a brief update.

               Comatose patient (for few months) showed progress after 2 scans, presenting with good detox and
               reportedly more conscious/awake now vs. sleeping all day and night pre-CyberScan.

               Comatose patient (for 7 years) has been stable but progress seem very slow. Wife disclosed swelling of
               eyelids diminished; 24-hour nursing staff takes care of patient, unfortunately, I have no access/release.
               Will request release soon to monitor patient more closely. I would genuinely appreciate your thoughts
               and recommendations on this case.

               More power to you.

               D.I., N.Y.

               21  of January 2019

               Dear Dieter,

               Thank you for all the self-study material; such a gold mine. Also, thank you for keeping the database


               M.W., N.Y.
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