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               Dieter ,

               1 word .... Excellent!

               Haha , you know I can’t keep it to one word . I just really think you should be
               congratulated for  your effort over the last couple of days . Like I said yesterday, best
               and most free flowing , informative seminar to date .

               I really enjoyed it and feel like I’ve gained another level of confidence again .. see how I
               go . ....

               Thank you again , till next time ,


               Dieter ,

               Just had to send you a quick email .... THANK YOU , best first  day seminar to date.
               Really enjoying it and loving the amount of material we are covering  in depth . Can’t
               wait till tomorrow .


               Hello Peeps.

               Further to a recent, and very encouraging, email from the daughter/ sponsor of her
               fathers CS treatment for lymphoma, I received a further update last night, August 7.
               Seems like CS is winning the battle with lymphoma. Now for the pulmonary fibrositis!


               "Dad has just been to Christie’s and his blood is completely back to normal. They said
               that they can’t believe that his blood has gone so right and continued to improve with so
               little treatment! ( he had to stop the chemo early because of his lungs)" x
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