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And thank you for just being you!
               I love your open and straightforward approach, and appreciate the honesty you convey.
               And I especially love the genuine, caring person that you are.  WITH a sense of humor!
               With a retired Army Colonel as my father, I grew up with good discipline and integrity.
               And you have it in spades!  Not to mention, common sense and a good heart.
               It’s so refreshing to be around that in our world now, with all the corruption, dishonesty and self-serving.
               I asked Donna if you two had a chance to talk about her helping you here in America.
               I was thrilled to hear you did get to talk.
               If you do choose to use her as an instructor, you can count on my help as a coordinator for the
               operation/conduct of the class she teaches.
               I did that in the Army many times, and I’ve helped Donna many times.
               I’m more computer oriented, and I know you could tell Randy is also.
               As Donna said to me, I’m totally committed to everything being done in accordance with your guidance.
               By the way, if you haven’t deleted it yet, I’d appreciate you sending the report from my scan in class.
               I’d like to enter it on my progress chart.
               Thank you again for making the trip to my favorite foreign nation worth making!
               But I never did get that glass of Paulaner Hefe-Weizen that I wanted.  Maybe next time.
               For me, the trip was like a beautiful child after a painful childbirth.  You forget the pain because the joy is
               so great!
               And thank you so much for giving me a boost of encouragement!
               I’m sure Donna and Randy also feel that sense of enthusiasm, awe of its capabilities, and excitement for
               the possibilities.
               Not sure what the future holds for me, but I’m confident it will include my Cyberscan.
               Thank you again for that great class.
               p.s. I’ll send you a picture of our framed certificates when I get them done.  They’ll look nice and very

               S.P., USA

               Hi Dieter,

               Thank you for this amazing training. Learned a lot & still sorting it out.
               Again, much appreciated to be with you.  I see my facility with the CS to help my patients &
               myself heal was
               definitely increased from this additional training.

               See you next Germany training.

               Best regards,
               J.B., USA
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