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Dear Dieter,

               I trust you are well.

               On a good note, everyone I scanned in the last week or so has shown
               positive for Corona (the new strain as well as old strains), as well as many
               other things.  Cyberscan has been successful in eradicating the virus in all

               Stay well,
               K. K. , USA

               Thank you Dieter for a wonderful Seminar i have learned so much and had a great time.

               Its an honor to be representing Aussie Med in the Middle East.

               I will be arriving to Kuwait tonight so hopefully within the next two days i will be able to sign
               the papers and send back to u.

               Thanks again for all your help.

               Y.S., Dubai

               Dear Dieter,

               It was a pleasure to see you again and very inspirational.

               H.B., NL

               It was the classic trip from hell, but your class more than made up for it!  (I’ll spare you all the details.)
               But I almost lost it when the security at Frankfurt Airport was careless with my device.
               And it turns out both Donna and Randy had concerns about the handling of theirs too.
               The inspector looked at my device first, then piled everything else on top of it, with the screen facing up!
               So the first thing I did when I got home was to turn it on and see if it was okay.
               Fortunately products made in Germany means, at least to me, that it’s good quality.
               And that goes for you too!
               I had no clue about the use of pictures you explained.  Thank you for telling me.
               I’m just thrilled I was FINALLY able to meet you face to face!
               When I was possibly going home instead of to the class, what I feared the most was missing you!
               So thank you for such a fabulous class!
               And thank you for accepting me as a class example.
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