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15th of April 2019

               Hello Dieter
               Thank you so much for your training, insights and stories over the weekend.
               My head is still buzzing with all the information.
               I feel more confident now to use my CyberScan device.
               Thank you again.
               Best regards
               Michele C., AU

               9  of April 2019

               A 47-year-old female patient came into the clinic for having recurring genital herpes since her early 20's.
               She has a positive serology for HSV-1 (lab results attached) and diagnosed with having genital break-outs
               caused by HSV-1. Since there is no cure for HSV-1 in today's medicine, she was prescribed Valtrex and
               has been using it for years to relieve the pain associated with break-outs.
               She was on CyberScan treatments for a total of 7 months. Treatments included Viruses, STD's, Immune
               System, Detox and Drainage, Heavy-Metals, Geopathic Stress, Flower Essences and some Allergy issues
               that she had. She religiously followed the CyberScan guidelines. It took about 6 treatments/12 weeks for
               the patient to experience break-outs less often than usual. After 5 months she only had some soreness
               but no break-outs and after 7 months, she had another blood test (attached) showed HSV-1 not
               detected. As of today 9 months after we stopped CyberScan treatments, she remains symptom-free.

               Much Love,
               M.T., Florida

               (blood test received)

               27  of March 2019

               It was a pleasure to meet you.  I learned a lot from the class. Looking forward to working with patients
               and employing these new insights.

               Many thanks for your kind help.

               Take care.

               Best regards,
               J.B., N.Y.
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