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               Thanks for all of your effort!

               I no longer had the generic remedy on my screen and I think it's great.
               Also the opportunity to regularly check with myself with the CS whether I have caught it or not
               and to be able to continue my practice with a clear conscience is just great.

               THANKS again!

               Best regards

               R.R., Switzerland


               hi Dieter,

               Can you send me 600 eeCards?
               The generic medicine is doing very well

               Met vriendelijke groet,

               Hayo, NL


               On a Convid 19 note I have had 3 clients that showed +ve in early parts of last 10 days. All 3
               recovered with nominal symptomatic reactions and all seem well now

               With thanks and sincere best wishes

                M.D., U.K.


               THANK YOU.

               YOU ARE AMAZING

               Best regards

               S.S., Australia
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