Page 12 - Testimonials
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More positive resonance regarding support and seminars:

               CyberScan practitioner in Germany:

               5  of January 2019

               Just a few words to an interesting patient case: Patient E. B., Pharmaceutical Technical Assistant
               (PTA), 52 years old has received from me so far four CyberScan treatments. Shortly before
               Christmas, she came to the 5th treatment and said to me: "Mr. XXX, you have given me the
               greatest joy of Christmas of my life. My about 0.5 cm large and recurrent wet rash on the left ear
               has 'dissolved in the air'. "
               For more than 30 years (!!) she has been fighting against skin rash with various dermatologists
               and two different university skin clinics in Germany. What makes the whole thing special is that
               she did not say a word to me about her skin problem on the ear and that I did not enter a single
               signal from the "skin" measurement group for all CS measurements. You can not even recognize
               a scar now. Phenomenal and inexplicable to me, how CyberScan sometimes rages in the body!

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