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               13  of May 2020

               A female patient, aged 70 years, underwent a comprehensive eye test on the 14  of April 2020. A
               glaucoma was found in both eyes. The patient was initially devastated and was subsequently
               treated with CyberScan until yesterday.
               Yesterday's result of the very extensive follow-up examination left speechless. The glaucoma on
               both eyes are no longer present, but are only detected with CyberScan with significantly lower
               The patient continues to be treated until all glaucoma signals have disappeared. Then control
               measurements are carried out at intervals of 2 x 3 months, then every 6 months.

               Dr. K., Europe

               5  of May 2020

               Dear Dieter

               Hope all is well.

               I had many successfull stories with cyberscan but this one touched me.  I want to thank you first
               of all for making Cyberscan.

               I had a client that had a horse that they want to put down for medical reasons.  After 5 session
               with cyberscan the horse was xrayed yesterday and doctors were shocked to see 80%
               improvement.  Even his broken bone seemed to be  healed.

               Thank you

               Y.A., Kuwait
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