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        2  of April 2020


        …I did want to let you know, the Cyberscan has worked literal wonders on my seasonal allergies.  Normally in the North
        American spring my eyes all but swell shut every morning and to a lesser extend in the fall.  So far this spring all I have is
        a mild scratch in my throat and mild, irritated cough when outside.

        I treated myself for about 8-10 consecutive treatments LAST spring and 1-3 treatments this fall. But that is all and I’m
        actually able to enjoy spring this year

        Thank you again,

        C.L., USA

        31  of March 2020

        Thanks Dieter! You are magnificent!! I feel I am helping so many people with this work.  It is so fast now....wonderful!!
        Please feel free to use as testimonial.

        Dr. J.B., USA

        30  of March 2020

        Hi Dieter,

        Just did my first Master test on a young boy who we cant get to the bottom of what’s going on.  Improves while on
        treatment but then symptoms return after he removes his card.  Wow, love have fast the test is performed and very
        interesting with the results.  Will be interesting to see his response this week.  Thank you again for updating this and the
        effort in staying current.


        S.F., Australia

        20  of March 2020

        Hi Dieter,

        That’s great on both accounts.

        Walked with K. in Central Park today. We are both so grateful for you & the Cyberscan!!!

        Many many thanks!!

        Best regards,

        Dr. J.B., USA
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