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31 October 2014

Dear xxx,

I have just received the latest MRI report on my pituitary adenoma patient.  The tumor has continued to reduce in size.  The original size by MRI measurement was 0.81 cubic cm on 06/Oct/2013.  On 27/Feb/2014 it measured 0.648 cubic cm, a 20% reduction in mass.  On 29/Oct/2014 it measured 0.48 cubic cm,  41% reduction in mass from the original measurement one year ago.  She continues to improve symptomatically.  I attribute all improvement to the Cyberscan.  I have treated her almost every week with the Cyberscan for the past year.  Because the tumor is wrapped around the left internal carotid artery it was not amenable to surgery or radiation.

Dr. JZ

4 October 2014

Dear xxx,

One year ago a woman aged about 36 years came to our clinic.  She could barely walk and barely see.  She was unable to perform daily tasks, had lost her drivers license, and needed much care at home.  She could no longer care for her children.  She was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma which was not treatable by conventional methods.  She was on drugs for pain and other symptoms, and was dying.  She was receiving CT scans to follow the progress of the disease, but no treatment for the tumor.  Given her condition, the only treatment I offered her was the Cyberscan.  I began to scan and treat her weekly, and continued this until this day.  She felt some relief with the very first treatment, and slowly, week by week, she improved.  The next CT showed no progress of the tumor. The next CT showed a 20% reduction in tumor size. This was about 8 month after beginning treatment, last April.  As this was occurring, her symptoms continued to reduce. About 3 months ago she had improved to the extent that her drivers license was restored, and she had her children back.  She is now nearly normal.  We are expecting her next CT to show either a normal pituitary, or nearly normal, as she appears to be fully restored to normal function.

Dr. JZ 


Patient's response to T.M. - User since 2009:

I first went to see T.M. in September 2009. At that time my health was at the worst point of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome it had been in 15 years. I had spent the previous five months fighting chronic infections, to the point that I was barely eating, as it made me feel so ill. I was confined to bed for approximately 18-20 hours of each day. I was certainly at the lowest point - with a very dim view of my future as I had no idea who would be able to help me and how they could do so, as I had given up on doctors and blood tests. For 15 years I had suffered, right after the birth of my second child, not knowing what was wrong with me and never feeling well. It was subtle at first, but eventually I ended up with CFS for at least five of those years.

I was so happy to find T., who understood what I was going through, and she knew exactly how to treat my many problems. At first I really had no idea what she was doing, it was all too overwhelming for my exhausted brain and body. I responded immediately to the treatment. As is the case with CFS I had some ups and downs along the way, but my overall feeling of well being and energy had returned. Each time a health problem has surfaced T. has been able to help me. There are just too many things to list. So the end result is that I have improved consistently. All my family and close friends have noticed the huge change in me. That includes my physical capabilities, my emotional and mental wellbeing.

I had never been able to hold down a job, as my body was so unreliable. I never made plans, as I did not know how I would be from day to day.  It was not long into my treatment before T. was very kind to offer me some work. I was not sure how I would go and just told her that all we could do was try it out for a few weeks, if I wasn't well she could find someone else.

Right at the beginning T. said that if I was not able to come in due to illness that she understood. I'm happy to say that in over twelve months I have not let her down (I hope). In that time T. has treated me like family, and has too, become a welcome part of my family. They all appreciate her so much for the fact that they now have their wife and mother back.

T. has not only treated me but also my husband and two children. They have enjoyed seeing their own health progress too. T. is always available, sharing her tremendous knowledge, especially whenever I am being an anxious, worried mum.

My mother in law suffered a major stroke at the age of 83. Elaine has made great improvements by following T.' instruction.  Without T., I believe, these gains would not have been as significant.

I have had the privilege of working alongside T. and watching her assist so many people with all aspects of their health, physical, psychological and emotional. She is so considerate and compassionate and often gives up time and energy to assist a client with no regards to her own reward or advantage. T. is empathetic and has a huge heart, not bearing to see those that need her help be left unaided.

T. has an incredible knowledge of the human body, homeopathics, pharmaceuticals, diseases, ailments, supplements and remedies of which she uses to benefit the lives of her clients. She leaves no stone unturned in her quest to benefit those that go to her seeking assistance.  It's a great pleasure to watch her work.

I am so grateful to you, T. for all that you do.

Lana S.

T., you have been treating my various chronic health problems on and off now for 8 years and throughout that time you have always devoted your fullest attention and care to me! Many is the time that you have gone above and beyond what anyone else would expect you to do - that time you disagreed with one of the other health specialists (who was working out of the same clinic as you) and you went out of your way to see that I got what was best for me always springs to my mind!! Even how you always make sure that, no matter how baffling my current condition is, you always persist with my consultation until you have a result and a plan on how to proceed. Without you I would hate to imagine where I would be today ... either dead or the nuthouse being the two favourite candidates!!!

No matter how rough your day, you always offer nothing but warmth and caring to me whenever I see you and that in itself is worth more than I can express!!

You are a true Guardian Angel T. and I could never fully express how much you have helped me and the gratitude I feel towards you for all your kind efforts in treating my often confusing and complicated health problems, kindest regards and best wishes,   

Paddy K

Thank you T.

When we first came to T., Lujan had chronic sinusitis and learning delays along with some behavioural issues.  I had managed to find the causes of some of Lujan's problems but with T.'s help we have eliminated most of these problems.  Along the journey we have been given a few more obstacles to overcome.  Lujan has been diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  Now with regular help from T. we are aiming to give Lujan as full and healthy a life as we can possibly manage by blending conventional medications with natural therapies and approaches.  We have had fantastic success so far and I can honestly say that I look forward to the future with the help and advice that T. offers.
You do a great job and we are grateful for your help everyday!

Krystal and Lujan

T. M.
I met T. several years ago at Bio-Energetic Medicine training. I was fortunate to have her work with me on my computer, where she displayed her exceptional competencies in allergies, toxins and the human ecosystem.
Following this experience it was an obvious choice to consult T. on a range of health issues as they have occurred over the years. At all times she has impressed me with her professionalism and competency in her chosen field of computer based health assessment.
T.' knowledge of thyroid conditions assisted me in understanding how a range of diverse symptoms could all be linked back to what by then was obviously hypothyroidism. My apparent inability to cope well with shocks and stress was more a physical condition than psychological. Through Thryo-flex testing T. was also able to provide further evidence that supported what my previous GP had said - that my thyroid was under functioning and that this had prevented my being able to do so many things in my life.
T.' up to date knowledge of research in thyroid health and how it impacts throughout the body empowered my adherence to a suitable eating plan, forgive myself for "under performing" as I saw it and create a healthier biochemistry for my long term needs. T.' also referred me to Dr H. and after discussions with him I elected to trial first direct natural Thyroid supplementation and later progesterone supplementation with suitable diet and lifestyle changes. This has worked brilliantly for me and I am seeing consistent improvement in my physical health, mood and hope for the future.

I have also consulted T. on my recurrent asthma and bronchitis. It has been great to talk over strategies for treating this better without judgement over my lifestyle. Through the use of T.' homeopathic preparations I have been able to shorten the duration of lung infections (caused by mold and mycotoxins) and change my asthma medication to another product that is less damaging to my long term health. No doubt I am the beneficiary of the many years of experience that T. has had working with doctors and other practitioners coupled with her own personal experiences with her family.
Over time T. has also become a friend to me as well as a practitioner. I have especially enjoyed going to health trainings with her as she draws on her knowledge and experience to appraise each event with a clear understanding of how well this would work for her clients. T. totally understands what will work in the real world when people get home from the practitioner and works to simplify solutions for all her clients.
Above all talking with T. on my health history reassures me that I'm not the only person with these concerns. Long term multiple chemical sensitivities and the attendant depression have been very isolating, leaving me on the sidelines of so many life experiences. With a better attitude to my health and releasing the past with homeopathic support there have been some profound changes in my life, including shedding 25 kgs of weight. I feel more like I'm getting back control of my life in a way that I've never had it before. I can plan for the future knowing I'm on the way to having the life I always wanted.

Thankyou for your assistance T.!

Liz M. D.      M App Sc (Nat Sc), Clin Hyp

RE:  T. M.
It has been almost 15 years since I first met T. M..  I "found" her through the magazine "Good Medicine" that someone passed on to me at work.  In that magazine there was an article on the effects of mercury amalgam in dental fillings and as I read through that article it sounded just like all the things I had been suffering with for the past 10 years.  I rang the phone number at the bottom of the article that was for a dentist in S. and they gave me T.' phone number. 
That one phone call has completely changed my life, in fact I think she has saved my life.  I have had all my fillings replaced and from the moment the last amalgam was removed, my nose stopped running, that was amazing to me. 
T. diagnosed multiple allergies and spent a long time with me at each appointment.  Her willingness to spend that extra time to get it right and give the best treatment for me is one of the things that sets her apart from others. 
A few years ago I had the seasonal flu shot and shortly afterwards became very ill ending up in hospital for a short stay.  After 3 months of going to doctors and specialists and having every test they could throw at me I got the usual "we don't know what's wrong with you".  I should have known better because the medical fraternity never knew what was wrong with me.  So I gave up on them and went to T..  It only took a few minutes before she was telling me exactly what was wrong with me and giving me a treatment plan that I followed for 6 months before I was well again. 
I visit T. regularly for thyroid tests and general checkups.  I know I'm complicated and I'm terrible as sticking to treatment plans and diets but despite all this, T. has never lectured me even if I deserved it, she just fixes me up again.  It is, after all, my choice.

I always recommend T. to people but very few follow it up.  I am happy that she has been able to help one of my sisters with her health problems that are far more major than mine and given her back a quality of life that was sadly lacking.
I can never repay her for what she has done for me and if she ever decides to give up practising I don't know what I will do.

T. is more than what her business card says, she is a life saver and a good friend.

Carol H.

During the short time that I have been meeting with T. I am most grateful and thankful for her assistance in providing me with the strength and determination to keep moving forward with the challenges that I have been facing for the past six months.  Just by listening to all that I have had bottled up and making me realize that I need to set it all free out into the atmosphere was a truly emotional challenge.  By guiding me into believing in another human being has also enlightened my inner emotions to accept the love of another person unconditionally to which I may have jeopardized otherwise.  The treatment T. has provided has assisted in my health returning to an almost normal balance and even though I know I have a way to go I look forward to the future with a better outlook for which I am thankful to T..

Barbara M.

Hello my name is Dianne and I am writing this testimonial for a very special woman, whose name is T. M.!

I met T. through her sister in-law, Sandra, at a Linen Party in J., and we hit it off straight away, T. has a lovely, warm personality that draws people to her!
During one of our conversations I discovered that T. does remedial work  using alternative medicines, to help people who have chronic conditions, such as myself, so after humming and haring, I finally booked myself in to see her!

It is amazing what I have achieved since I have been seeing T., my confidence has been boosted immensely, I feel like I want to do things again, my energy has returned and my feeling of well being is being restored!   Plus, after a lot of consideration, I have thrown out all the ugly drugs that have been adding to my illness, rather than helping me!
T. always makes me feel welcome, with her beautiful huge smile, every time I walk into her quaint studio!  It's wonderful to feel like a human being with feelings and emotions and to be treated with respect and not just like a non identity, when you go to ordinary doctors!
T. has helped me so much emotionally, especially during a very trying and stressful time with a dear loved one of mine who is terminally ill, always getting in touch to see how I am and even to the extent of giving me herbal remedies to help my loved one, always asking after her every time she sees me, and for this I will always be truly grateful to her!
Yes, T. is a remarkable woman, and I would highly recommend her to everyone I know, especially those who are ill, both physically or mentally, because I know she has a caring heart and her methods are really amazing!   A special and sincere thanks to T.!  

Dianne D

I have known T. M. for well over a decade and in that time I have seen her heal a great number of people.  Some years ago, my daughter was terribly unwell.  Following a severe bout of glandular Fever, she just didn't seem to recover. We tried everything we knew but nothing made the slightest bit of difference.  She would catch every illness going and was so chronically lethargic she had to resign from her job. Living a normal life was out of the question for this 26 year old.

We booked in to seeT. and my daughter even went to sleep in the car on the way home! However T.'s magic started to work.   Within 2 weeks my daughter showed a big improvement and a month later was out looking for a job! 

I have every confidence in T. as a healer.  She is insightful, compassionate, intelligent and professional.  She also pulled my beloved daughter away from years of chronic fatigue syndrome, and for that we both will be eternally grateful

J. Lyons

There are simply no words to explain the gratitude we have for T. M. and the wonderful work that she does. And it would be a complete understatement to say that she has changed our lives.

Logan, our second child and first bundle of pure boy was just four months old when he developed a very severe skin condition. Imagine open wounds (for want of a better word) constantly inflamed and itching, weeping and bleeding continually over his clothes, his bedding, his family, and now imagine trying to explain to a tiny little person that he can't scratch...that it was necessary to wrap him from head to toe and for him to wear socks to cover his weapons (his toe and finger nails)
To us, he was Logan our beautiful little baby and we thought he was just that he'd laugh and play as any other child but when we went out...there were the stares, the looks of judgement (did they spill hot water on him?) or the sighs of pity (what's wrong with him?/what happened?/oh the poor thing) and then the constant flow of suggested miracle cures (the inside of banana peel/ thrush cream all over his face will do it.)

We're pretty thick skinned but it was getting beyond heartbreaking to have to tell people that asked "what's wrong with him?" that we didn't know. And even more heartbreaking to admit to ourselves that we didn't know how to help our little boy who would look at us with his big round eyes just begging for relief.

After months and months of trying numerous doctors (including one of the best pediatricians), a night in hospital undergoing intense moisture treatment, naturopaths, homeopaths, all that the internet seemed to offer in regards to diet and topical treatments and even some of the wacky treatments that had been suggested to us, we were referred to T.. True, we were skeptical we'd been referred before with rave reviews to others, so how was T. any different?

Well, we emailed her, explaining Logan's condition,T. rang us - straight away. The professionalism she spoke with was reassuring, her honesty, her thoroughness, refreshing, and the compassion for what we'd been through, honestly made me want to cry. She wasn't quick to diagnose, this was going to be done properly. We had the sense straight away that we'd made the right choice in coming to T.. T. did and continues to make us feel like we are her only clients. Unlike so many others who would use a text book or checklist to diagnose "another patient", T. used her heart and soul to get to the bottom of what was wrong with Logan, our little man and her new friend.

And that is exactly what she did. In a very methodical way, gathering information exclusive to Logan's case, T. found the problem. T. solved the problem.

It was within 7 weeks of meeting T., that Logan went from looking like a burns victim to a completely clear, scar free, beautiful, happy baby. We thought we knew our Logan, but when his health improved we met him for the first time. He was really smiling, there was no cloud hanging over his head anymore and the moments where he would would stare into space to distract himself from the pain were gone.
We never knew just how much we were missing of this little boy until T. gave him back to us. We are ever so thankful for having met T. M., she has changed our lives, given us back our little boy and made our future a better one.

Less than 8 weeks treatment.

With all our hearts,

Thankyou xo

D. and L. F.

Translated letter from from German 3rd September 2009
G.M., Germany - User since 2009:

I have been an independent medical practitioner since the last 31 years and have worked a lot with EAV (Electro-acupuncture according to Dr. Voll) and started working with the American measurement system, the LISTEN-System, first in the year 1995. Subsequently I have worked with the successive systems BEST and ORION. My patients and I were very happy with the LISTEN-System but the time spent for an elaborate session (1-1.5 hours) was very high.

Since September 2009 I only use CyberTrone. I can vouch for the fact that CyberTrone outshines all the hitherto available measurement systems in the market. The system is very easy to handle requiring only basic Windows-knowledge, the patient is not subjected to electrical currents and acupuncture-pressure points (hence it is also a very child-friendly application) and a detailed measurement including discussion with the patient can be carried out in 20-30 minutes. The ease of handling CyberTrone as well as the lessened measurement effort in terms of time, results in a substantial reduction in workload and -- purely from the business point of view -- logically in increased patient turn-around. My success rate with CyberTrone has been over 92 %.

Now to a few cases:

Patient -Male, 62 years (I myself): Very upsetting and devastating clinical diagnosis on 2nd January 2009: Carcinoma clarocellulare of the left kidney with 11 metastasis in the liver and 5 metastasis in the right lung. For such cancer types (clear cell carcinoma), there has so far been no treatment -- even chemotherapy and radiation do not help here. My left kidney along with the adrenal gland were surgically removed. My only help was God, my family and CyberTrone. I carried out the rest of the treatment with CyberTrone. During the clinical check-up on 12.06.2009, the chief physician had this to say: "The liver tissue has recovered very well! No detectable metastasis in the lung and liver!" You can now imagine the kind of uproar this caused amongst the doctors in the hospital!

Patient B. L., 42 years, Police officer: Depressive mood, dizziness, gastritis since a few months. Just after the second CyberTrone application, B. L. comes to my clinic beaming with joy: "The tinnitus that bothered me for more than 10 years has disappeared!" Tinnitus has never been previously discussed! After the fourth application, the stomach problems had gone away and from the seventh sessions on he could completely discontinue the antidepressants, the dosage which was being gradually reduced before.
Four female patients, 22, 26, 38 and 43 years of age: After an MRI of the brain and cerebro-spinal fluid puncture, the shattering diagnosis: Starting stage of multiple sclerosis. After eight sessions and in two cases after 10 CyberTrone-sessions, the starting symptoms of deficiency disappeared, the dark regions in the brain had completely disappeared in case of one patient and reduced by 50% in case of the other three patients. The doctors who diagnosed it talked of a possible mix-up of the patients' files. The four patients did not undergo any other treatment except for CyberTrone.

Patient B. K., 31 years of age, Cloth-salesperson: Pollen-allergy and multiple food allergies since many years. During the CyberTrone-applications, I have specially observed a great deal of fungal infections. Just after the sixth application, the patient could ingest almost all the foodstuffs that were earlier not possible. The pollen allergy can be analysed only in the coming spring.

Patient V. D., 64 years of age, Electrical engineer: Irritable colon with 10-12 defecations per day. Extensive detoxification and mycosis treatment with CyberTrone relieved the patient of his problem after five sessions.

Patient R. H., 32 years of age, Radio and TV technician: Epilepsy since 16 years with an average of two massive attacks per week. The CyberTrone-treatment began in November 2009 with two-week treatment cycles and three-week cycles since March this year. The patient does not want to discontinue the treatment as he has not had an epileptic attack since 26th February 2010 (more than six months).

Patient U. D., 8 years of age: ADHD-Syndrome (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) with learning disorders, disorders of the fine motor skills and aggressiveness. Just after the third (!!) CyberTrone-treatment, the girl's mother reported that she has become calmer, is not so aggressive anymore, is not afraid of going to school and is commended by her teacher at school.

Patient N. K., 37 years of age, Housewife: Dizziness of unknown reasons since many years. Just after two (!!) CyberTrone-treatments, the vertigo attacks and their intensity reduced. No dizziness any more after the sixth treatment.

I could go on endlessly with the list of satisfied patients. The absolute user-friendliness and reduction in workload through CyberTrone should be pointed out here once again. Ultimately as a therapist, it is also a great satisfaction for me to be able to show such positive results of the treatment.

with kind regards from Germany (Bavaria)


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