CyberScan - System

is marketed worldwide for a very attractive price

Grey-market imports and re-imports are therefore rendered meaningless. The stable value of your
investment is retained.

Although AussiMed and our representatives try very hard to offer a unitary and firm price it is - dependent on the country you live in - prices vary slightly. This is due to different shipping and insurance costs, import duties, taxes and expenses for translation.

Please contact as for the current price and representative in your country by sending us a

Distributor/Agent and Quote Request

Don't forget to include the name of your home country.

To make sure that your Distributor or Agent is authorised to demonstrate and sell CyberScan Cybernetic Biofeedback devices, check the


for distributors and agents.

For the validity of the certificate please check the expiry date. With this we make sure that - if there are complains against a sales person - we remove that person from our sales force.

To see a sample of a Certification click here: