Dear Client / Patient:

If you made up your mind to get tested and balanced with the CyberScan device by one of our trained CyberScan practitioners, you should know some things to get the most out of this and to achieve the best possible results in the shortest time possible.

Since the CyberScan treatment is a balancing of your body's own morphogenetic energy field (which will kick-start your immune system), you must observe some rules in order not to disturb the CyberScan balancing and/or your bodies morphogenetic field. Only than you can be assured that the outcome will be what you could expect.

The first visit at your CyberScan practitioner's office/practice should be in person. It is a rule of medical ethics to do an anamnesis (medical history) and a personal impression and examination of your state of health.
The first balancing will inform your immune system what's wrong in your body. The information is imprinted on the magnet strip of the eeCard+ which must be worn on the body. During nighttime you should place the eeCard+ under your pillow. The immune system is kick-started with the energetic information received and will start work. You'll feel that by experiencing aggravation of symptoms. After about 11-12 days the immune system has finished working off the energetic information received at the last session with the eeCard+.
Now - latest 14 days after starting the balancing - you must go back (or send a hair sample, but make sure that between sending the hair sample and receiving the new eeCard+ is not more than 2 days) to the CyberScan practitioner to get the follow-up session. You'll get a new eeCard+  (discard the old eeCard+ because you can't use this anymore. The eeCard+ can't be re-imprinted!! If done against our advice, it would spoil the treatment) which will work on your energetic imbalances for another 2 weeks. After that, the next session is due - and so on.
Besides the balancing with the eeCard+, there is no other medication or treatment allowed (except doctor's prescribed medication). The same applies to supplements of all kinds.
Normally with any energetic treatment any form of caffeine is forbidden, because this would spoil the whole treatment.

NEW  We concluded our tests with the new eeCard+ and came to the conclusion that the client may have 2 regular cups of coffee with breakfast, not more and not later.
This is possible because the information on the eeCard+ is very strong and since the card is worn permanently the whole day (and under the pillow during nighttime) the information will be supplied to the body constantly.
Keep in mind: this is only possible with the new eeCard+ !

Also, any form of caffeine is forbidden with one exception: you may have 1-2 regular cups of coffee with your breakfast, not more and not later. Besides that If you can't stay away from caffeine, don't do the balancing. Caffeine is an absolute antidot to the energetic information, supplied by the eeCard+. The exception with the 1-2 regular cups with breakfast is possible, because the information on the eeCard+ is very strong and the card is worn permanently the whole day.
Furthermore, any form of recreational drugs during the CyberScan balancing is forbidden because it is an antidot. Tobacco or alcohol are no problems in regard of the CyberScan balancing (but will be of course a problem to your lungs and/or liver).
Keep your eeCard+ away from anything electric, magnetic or electro-magnetic because this could interfere with the energetic signals on the magnet strip of the card.
To get rid of any toxins, pulled out of your body cells by the immune system, drink at least 2 liters (67 ounces) of good water. Boiled, distilled or mineral water are not considered "good water". Good water is spring water or purified (filtered) water. Everything else you may drink comes on top of that.

If you have any questions to your treatment, you may send an email to

That is what the new eeCard+ looks like. The eeCard+ was introduced