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T. M.
               I met T. several years ago at Bio-Energetic Medicine training. I was

               fortunate to have her work with me on my computer, where she
               displayed her exceptional competencies in allergies, toxins and the
               human ecosystem.
               Following this experience it was an obvious choice to consult T. on a

               range of health issues as they have occurred over the years. At all times
               she has impressed me with her professionalism and competency in her
               chosen field of computer based health assessment.

               T.' knowledge of thyroid conditions assisted me in understanding how a
               range of diverse symptoms could all be linked back to what by then was
               obviously hypothyroidism. My apparent inability to cope well with
               shocks and stress was more a physical condition than psychological.

               Through Thryo-flex testing T. was also able to provide further evidence
               that supported what my previous GP had said - that my thyroid was

               under functioning and that this had prevented my being able to do so
               many things in my life.
               T.' up to date knowledge of research in thyroid health and how it impacts
               throughout the body empowered my adherence to a suitable eating plan,

               forgive myself for "under performing" as I saw it and create a healthier
               biochemistry for my long term needs. T.' also referred me to Dr H. and
               after discussions with him I elected to trial first direct natural Thyroid

               supplementation and later progesterone supplementation with suitable
               diet and lifestyle changes. This has worked brilliantly for me and I am
               seeing consistent improvement in my physical health, mood and hope for
               the future.

               I have also consulted T. on my recurrent asthma and bronchitis. It has
               been great to talk over strategies for treating this better without

               judgement over my lifestyle. Through the use of T.' homeopathic
               preparations I have been able to shorten the duration of lung infections
               (caused by mold and mycotoxins) and change my asthma medication to
               another product that is less damaging to my long term health. No doubt I

               am the beneficiary of the many years of experience that T. has had
               working with doctors and other practitioners coupled with her own

               personal experiences with her family.
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