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Dear xxx,

               I have just received the latest MRI report on my pituitary adenoma patient.  The tumor has
               continued to reduce in size.  The original size by MRI measurement was 0.81 cubic cm on
               06/Oct/2013.  On 27/Feb/2014 it measured 0.648 cubic cm, a 20% reduction in mass.  On
               29/Oct/2014 it measured 0.48 cubic cm,  41% reduction in mass from the original measurement
               one year ago.  She continues to improve symptomatically.  I attribute all improvement to the
               Cyberscan.  I have treated her almost every week with the Cyberscan for the past year.  Because
               the tumor is wrapped around the left internal carotid artery it was not amenable to surgery or

               Dr. JZ
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