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               My disabled brother had a colonoscopy in December and 5 days later he was
               readmitted to hospital vomiting with a high fever. After a MIR they discovered
               Graham had a large abscess in his colon which was not there just a week
               earlier. The doctor said he must have eaten a fish bone which is standard
               blame for when they screw up a colonoscopy. Besides we hadn't eaten any fish
               that week.
               The super antibiotics had no effect at all as they can't get past the abscess wall
               and Graham's inflammation marker called CRP was 245 [ normal is below 10 ]
               and his white T cell counts were very critical.
               I had 3 doctors in one Sunday come at different times to try to convince me that
               Graham needed an urgent operation to open him up and drain the abscess.
               It would mean that they would give him a fecal bag for at least 6 months.:o(
               Graham has schizophrenia as well so that would not have been well tolerated. I
               kept saying no and over 5 days I would stay with my brother from 7 AM until
               after 5 PM so that nothing could be done without my permission.
               I was treating him with some of my favorite alternative therapies while he was
               in hospital and researching about digestive disorders for hours on end.
               I managed to get Graham out of hospital and almost immediately we traveled
               almost 4 hours up to T. NSW to see a lovely lady who is an herbalist and also
               diagnoses and treat patients with a CyberScan.
               A. (CyberScan practitioner) had been recommended by her sister-in-law and so
               we took Graham there for a in depth consultation and treatment.
               One month later we had another MIR scan and returned to see the results.
               While having the CyberScan treatment I stopped all other alternative
               treatments to see what would happen with Graham.
               A surgeon came into the hospital room to look at the MIR image of Graham's
               colon and was very surprised that the Colon abscess had completely
               disappeared as reported by the radiologist. I was surprised and so was the
               surgeon. I looked over his shoulder and I couldn't see any sign of it either.
               I asked him what are the chances of a large colon abscess just disappearing?
               He replied 5000:1.
               I explained to him that the other doctors had wanted to cut Graham open but I
               would not allow it. He said he would have done the same operation as the
               others. My local doctor was very pleased and said " Whatever you are doing,
               keep it up" with a big smile on her face.
               So now 3 months later Graham is still symptom free although we are more
               careful of his diet [as we all should be] and are limiting processed foods even
               more than usual.
               I have no doubt that A. F. (CyberScan practitioner) and the CyberScan she used
               is why Graham is not wearing a fecal bag and is back to his normal self. Thank
               you A. F. and thank you CyberScan.

               Regards   Tim MM, NSW
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