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Dear Dieter,

               we are doing fine.

               Many thanks for being so prompt and efficient, we have been studying all
               weekend and made already a couple of eeCard+ successfully, thanks to your
               AMAZING demo’s and PDF’s. We could not have done this without your
               guidance, easy to follow steps and nice calming voice. We are super happy and
               looking forward meeting you one day.

               Re eeCard+ we couldn’t found a picture/ direction of which way to insert it, but
               assumed, its logo goes upwards and black strip inside first?

               Thank you Dieter, for a very unique medical devise, we have very little
               understanding of how much it can do yet…but know deep down, it’s going to be
               MAGICAL journey to work with.

               Take care and talks soon, love F. & H.

               Answer AussiMed same day:

               Hi F. + H.,

               thank you very much for your kind words.

               How to insert the eeCard+ can be seen at the digital Seminar L1 page 163:

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