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More positive resonance regarding support and seminars:


               A quick note of thanks for all of your efforts and patience — some in advance as I now
               apply the guidance you shared on how to best utilize the CyberScan.

               I look forward to a future meeting

               Wishing you Light & Love & Ease of Well  Being

               R.S., USA

               Picked up D. and WOW, I’m sooooo excited to go over everything with her tomorrow!!
               As she was telling me all about the class…..
               Someday I WILL make it to a class in Germany!
               My favorite beer is Paulaner Hefeweizen!
               And I so want to get a wurst on a brochen from a vendor!
               S.P., USA

               Hi Dieter
               Thank you SOOOOOO much for getting my machine up and running again.  You are a life
               saver.  I felt like a was missing a part of my body for a few days there.
               I REALLY appreciate your help.
               S.C., USA
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